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Our Environment Promise

Wine Tours with a Green Outcome.

Giving back to the enviroment with our enviromentally friendly wine tour initiative. We cant go fully green with an electric kombi, just yet, but we can do something that offsets our carbon emmissions. Read on :)


We like to think our tours reduce the number of cars on the road because we are all in one car, but it still adds to our our carbon footprint. 

So what can we do to give a little back to this beautiful area?

Let's Plant a Tree.


It takes about 5 trees to remove one tonne of C02 from the environment. So we aim to plant a tree for every tonne of CO2 produced from our tours.

We think this will go along way to operate a carbon neutral business. YAY!

Carbon Neutral Wine Tours


Each milestone we reach we will give one tree away to the next tour group or we can plant it on your behalf. 

We aim to plant a minumum of 9 trees in the next 12 months and hope to increase this in following years.

Let's Grow a Forest

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